Pain, aches, sprains, rheumatism and similar discomforts have indeed met their match! Introducing NutMed, a natural nutmeg-based rub and spray from the Caribbean island of Grenada. This wholesome remedy is sought after in many countries and countless testimonials exist as to how well it works, how quickly it brings relief.

NutMed is available as a Creme or as a Peppermint or regular nutmeg scented spray. You can now purchase this product online at or

The creme and sprays all have the same marvelous qualities, just different ways to apply. Nut-Med is an amazing fast-acting pain relief product based on the Nutmeg (“Grenada’s Gold”). Developed by Noelville Ltd, this amazing product is sought after by athletes, in Senior homes and just about everywhere pain occurs.


Spray Nut-Med Regular Spray liberally over affected areas or massage. The simple applicator makes it easy to spray directly, or you spray into your hand and then apply. This product provides noticeable relief between one and fifteen (15) minutes after application. Relief continues for up to six (6) hours before another application might be required and re-use may not be necessary depending on type of pain.


Backaches, Muscular Aches and Pains, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Athletic Injuries, Inflammation of Joints, Arthritis, Headaches, and Menstrual Cramps.