Jouvay Cocoa – Natural product of Grenada

The wholesome natural goodness of Grenadian cocoa (Theobroma cacao) simply cannot be exaggerated. Some of the world’s leading chocolatiers will attest to the fact that Grenadian cocoa is an indispensable ingredient in specialty chocolate bars, baked goods and beverages. There was a time when one had to travel all the way to Grenada to sample this Godly food, now that technology has shrunk the world, this amazing product can be delivered to you anywhere in the world, compliments or (you should still visit Grenada for other reasons anyway). Most parishes (districts) in Grenada grow cocoa (cacao). Grenada Market’s has teamed up with Diamond […]

Bois Bande – Product of Grenada

BOIS BANDE BARK (Richeria grandis ) See also: Bois Bande Bark: PREPARATION SUGGESTIONS:Bois Bande “hard wood” is a natural product; the bark of the tree of the same name. This tree is found in Grenada and some other Caribbean islands. Our ground Bois Bande is 100% natural bark ground up to ensure greater absorption capability. This is not a synthetic or altered product. There are no documented harmful side effects, however we suggest use in moderation as there is anecdotal evidence of some users having a “really hard time” because they used too much or too concentrated.Although this product is popular […]

Nutmed – welcome comfort & relief

Pain, aches, sprains, rheumatism and similar discomforts have indeed met their match! Introducing NutMed, a natural nutmeg-based rub and spray from the Caribbean island of Grenada. This wholesome remedy is sought after in many countries and countless testimonials exist as to how well it works, how quickly it brings relief. NutMed is available as a Creme or as a Peppermint or regular nutmeg scented spray. You can now purchase this product online at or The creme and sprays all have the same marvelous qualities, just different ways to apply. Nut-Med is an amazing fast-acting pain relief product based on the Nutmeg (“Grenada’s Gold”). Developed by Noelville […]

True Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

Familiarly referred to in Grenada as simply “spice”, cinnamon is just one of the many gems of Pure Grenada, the isle of Spice. Grenada’s cinnamon is highly valuable partly because it is True Cinnamon, originating from Ceylon ( Sri Lanka) from the Cinnamomum zeylanicum tree. This is more valuable than Cassia. Cassia Versus True Cinnamon, why buy Grenadian: Cassia is also called ‘cinnamon’ and is grown in places like China and Viet Nam while True Cinnamon is found in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil and the Caribbean (notably Grenada). Cinnamon purchased in a conventional grocery store or supermarket is more likely […]