The wholesome natural goodness of Grenadian cocoa (Theobroma cacao) simply cannot be exaggerated. Some of the world’s leading chocolatiers will attest to the fact that Grenadian cocoa is an indispensable ingredient in specialty chocolate bars, baked goods and beverages.

There was a time when one had to travel all the way to Grenada to sample this Godly food, now that technology has shrunk the world, this amazing product can be delivered to you anywhere in the world, compliments or (you should still visit Grenada for other reasons anyway).

Most parishes (districts) in Grenada grow cocoa (cacao). Grenada Market’s has teamed up with Diamond Estate to bring you “Jouvay Cocoa and Jouvay Cocoa Nibs. Our cocoa products are all natural, no additives or preservatives. No dilution, just plan good healthy natural good cocoa.

You can buy the cocoa in two forms; parched and rolled into balls (cocoa balls) or parched loose beans (nibs). Great for making hot beverages especially in winter (marshmallows optional) or as a key ingredient in baking. We also sell Cocoa Butter and Jouvay chocolates ….. even more good derivatives of Grenadian cocoa.

Grenada’s cocoa is classified in the Trinitario group, believed to be an elite fruit crossed between the Forastero and Criollo – it is believed to have a better aroma while being more resistant to disease. Trinitario cocoa is akin to Arabica coffee beans, in its classification as a fine bean. Grenada’s unique soil mixture makes its cocoa a much sorted after product due to its rich smooth flavour.

Grenada’c cocoa production follows Fair Trade practices, the farmers and everyone in the chain enjoy benefits of the production. The trees are naturally grown and harvested sustainably, always respectful of the environment.

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