Grenada secures additional Debt Reduction

St. George’s, Grenada, 17th November, 2017: The Government of Grenada announced today that creditors holding its US$ and EC$ Bonds due 2030 have cancelled a further 30% of the nominal amount outstanding under these instruments. This additional principal write-off of US$58 million for the two bond combined—or 5% of Grenada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)— completes the 50% principal reduction agreed as part of the country’s commercial debt exchange in November 2015. As per the terms and conditions of the US$ and EC$ bonds due 2030, the additional debt write-off announced today was triggered by Grenada’s successful completion, in May 2017, […]

Farewell Trevor Thwaites

Michael Bascombe ….. President of the Boxing Association of Grenada (BAG), Johnson St Louis pays tribute to the late Trevor Thwaites, a former Grenada national boxer who died on Saturday November 18, 2017. Thwaites also represented Grenada in cricket, football and table tennis and a sports broadcaster attached to the Government Information Service (GIS) at the time of his death. THWAITES: THE LIFE OF A HEAVYWEIGHT! Trevor was not a conformist, but he was an invaluable team player and all will attest to that. He was endowed with a spirit of magnanimity that knew no boundaries and for that, […]